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Done for you Digital Marketing Guide Bundle with Master Resell Rights DFY Digital Products Done-For-You Digital Marketing Guides with MRR

Done for you Digital Marketing Guide Bundle with Master Resell Rights DFY Digital Products Done-For-You Digital Marketing Guides with MRR

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The complete beginners that want to jump start their digital marketing and making money online journey.
- Those that are looking to take their online business to the next level
- Those that want to monetize their social media with done-for-you PLR & MRR digital products
- Those that want to save time and have 13 digital products ready to sell IMMEDIATELY.
- Those that want to add these digital products to their own store and resell it with Master Resell Rights - MRR and Private Label Rights PLR attached.

This DONE-FOR-YOU Digital Marketing Guide bundle consists of FOUR best-selling guides that will help you start and scale your online business! These comprehensive guides are absolutely packed with strategies, step-by-step instructions, templates, invaluable tips & tricks that has helped me generate over $23,000 with Digital Marketing and Digital products, that will give you the arsenal of tools and knowledge to successfully launch your very own online business.

But here's the real game-changer – I'm granting you Master Resell Rights. This means you have the freedom to personalize ALL of the FOUR DFY Marketing Guide eBook, using the user-friendly tool Canva, to add your unique touch, or simply resell it as-is for 100% profit.

* Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing
The premium Best Seller 109 page guide for starting and scaling your own online business.The minimum resell price for this guide is $30

* The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Roadmap
Learn how to monetize your social media for passive income. The minimum resell price for this guide is $37

* Digital Product Ideas
The perfect starter guide to digital products, niche selection and systems to use.

* The Ultimate Social Media Content Guide
Grab my top prompts, keywords, Hooks, and Call To Actions in this all-done-for-you to start scaling and monetize your social medias!

Guides 1 and 2 make for GREAT medium ticket digital products and are busting with invaluable content, strategies, and tips & tricks, while guides 3 and 4 make for great lower ticket items.

All FIVE guides comes with Master Resell Rights MRR - meaning that you can:
* Sell them as is without making any changes
* Split it into several products
* Rebrand/change as much or as little as you want
* Use it to create other digital products
* Resell them as your own MRR & PLR product if you wish!
* While each item comes with MRR & PLR, you are NOT permitted to resell this as a bundle here on Etsy. Each item may be resold and rebranded with MRR & PLR independently.

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